Helen Marlo, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist | Jungian Psychoanalyst | Dean | Professor

But how can I attain the knowledge of the heart?

You can attain this knowledge only by living your life to the full. You live your life fully if you also live what you have never yet lived, but have left for others to live or to think.


Professional Services

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Mentoring Mothers

Mentoring Mothers offers consultation, connection and community for mothers who gather to nurture one another in transitioning to a more conscious experience of motherhood.

Professional Highlights

Inspiration of the Year Award
One Life Counseling Center, 2023

Community Hero
San Mateo Chamber of Commerce, 2023

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Experiencing College:  A Crash Course

Synchronicity Speaks
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Between the Worlds—Healing Trauma, Body, and Soul
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The Traumatic Loss of a Loved One Is Like Experiencing a Brain Injury

Co-edited Book with Dr. Willow Pearson:  The Spiritual Psyche in Psychotherapy:  Mysticism, Intersubjectivity and Psychoanalysis
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Experiencing the Spiritual Psyche
Read: Experiencing the Spiritual Psyche Reflections on Synchronicity Informed Psychotherapy

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