“Why Does Everything Have to Be Fun?”
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Published interview:Into the Woods with Jean Shinoda Bolen:  On Analysis,  Activism, Artemis, and Archetypes.
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Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself:Where do Phobias Come From?
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Can anti-DUI posters in video games help prevent drunk driving?
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Interviewed in Psych Psense Youtube series by Ken Mallon on collective trauma and complex trauma in video,” What do Trump, Syria, and HS Suicide Have in Common?”
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Dr. Marlo joined the Advisory Board for The Burkard School which offers emotional and behavioral support emphasizing social and emotional learning for children.

San Francisco Clinical Psychologist Believes Education Is Transformative
An Interview with Helen Marlo
By CBS News, September 14, 2015
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Between the Worlds—Healing Trauma, Body, and Soul
A Conversation with Donald Kalsched
By Helen Marlo Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche, August 13, 2013
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Managing motherhood: Support group provides emotional resource for new moms
An interview with Helen Marlo
By Sally Schilling Daily Journal April, 20, 2013
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