Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche

Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche is an international quarterly that has evolved from a local journal of book and film reviews to one that attracts readers and contributors worldwide — from the Academy, the arts, and from Jungian analyst-scholars.

Featuring peer-reviewed scholarly articles, poetry, art, book and film reviews, and obituaries, Jung Journal offers a dialogue between culture — as reflected in art, literature, science, and world events — and contemporary Jungian views of the dynamic relationship between the cultural and personal aspects of the human psyche. It is a multi-disciplinary Journal emphasizing Jungian thought, multi-disciplinary studies (i.e. art, archaeology, sociology, politics, anthropology, psychology, biology, religious studies, philosophy, film, neuroscience) and culture

Dr. Marlo serves as the Review Editor, which includes reviews of films, books, art, and social/political/cultural works. Reviews may range in length depending on the type of submission but are typically 1,500 words or less. Due to the number of requests for reviews, Dr. Marlo is not able to find reviewers. She welcomes submissions of published or presented works, however, from interested authors.

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Authors:  Please submit your submission to LeeAnn Pickrell, Editorial Assistant: leeannpickrell@me.com

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